Welcome to Jefferson State Access Exchange

    The meeting place for networks.

    The Jefferson State Access Exchange (JSAX) is a neutral interconnect serving Northern California and Southern Oregon. JSAX is based out of Redding, California.

    Why Internet Peer?

    JSAX interconnects and peers IP networks to improve regional access and Northern California's and Southern Oregon economy. Today, many businesses are finding a competitive advantage by exploiting technological advancements in using applications over local access exchanges. Imagine being able to communicate with your customers 100 times faster than you can today. Imagine a high-speed, flexible communications network that is extremely reliable and secure, and available at a lower total cost of ownership than your current network. Imagine a network that grows easily and quickly -- without having to install new software and computers -- as your business grows. Imagination is now reality with our local access exchange -- simply the most compelling data networking solution to come along in years.

    How to get involved?

    Without your support, this technology will take many more years to come to our region while larger communities become more competitive, productive and affluent. We must educate our government officials, and encourage local businesses and citizen groups to work together to promote our local access exchange. Join us in the "Keep Local Traffic Local Initiative". This website lists the people and organizations that are promoting our local access exchange and how they are making a difference. Join the community of people that are helping build a smarter life for our region.

    Local Peering and Transit Exchange Advantages:

    • By keeping local internet traffic local, it reduces upstream Internet costs
    • Less expensive connections to multiple facilities/networks
    • Low latency connections allow for great voice & videoconferencing communication
    • Peered traffic between local locations rides free from your Internet connection
    • More choices - buy connections and services from a variety of vendors
    • Redundant circuits, more upstream providers makes your network more reliable
    • The option to use cheaper, lower power computers and software
    • Allows for easier use of your data remotely
    • Applications and/or operations fail over for less downtime
    • Creates and maintains local jobs